Monday, February 6, 2012

Top 3 Free Games For The iPad and iPhone

Through our detailed review of hundreds of games for the iPad and iPhone we have identified 3 games which we feel are the top free games for the iPad and iPhone.

DragonVale - Flaming Hot - This free iPhone and iPad game DragonVale continues to be one of the top grossing iPad and iPhone Apps and continues to be one of the top iPad and iPhone free games. The gameplay and graphics are great and overall gaming experience is one of the best. This iPad and iPhone game allows you to raise and care for your own magical dragons in DragonVale, create a park full of adorable and friendly dragons by hatching them, feeding them, and watching them grow up. Share your dragon land with your friends and help each other with gifts. You can even breed your dragons to create new and exciting types. By playing this iPad and iPhone app you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to hatching and caring for adorable dragons. You may find yourself feeding them treats, watching them grow, building and decorating their habitats, and inviting others in to view them in their floating island home. You may even find yourself choosing pairs for breeding, or setting up dragon competitions in the Colosseum.

Ice Age Village - Hotter than Ice- This Free App for the iPad and iPhone had over 5 million downloads in it's first week debut in April 2012. Ice Age Village took the #1 ranking in the App Store's Top Free Games category in over 50 countries (iPhone) and over 90 countries (iPad). Ice Age Village has quickly joined the App Stores' Top 5 grossing games in over 50 countries. Consumer ratings are exceptional: China (score: 5/5), Germany (4.5/5), Japan (4.5/5), Brazil (5/5), United States (4.5/5), Canada (5/5), Australia (4.5/5) and France (5/5).

In this free iPad and iPhone game, Scrat, everyone's favorite squirrel, is on the hunt for his favorite acorn and has opened a crack in the Earth's crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village for their displaced friends. Your goal it to help them in this heroic challenge and get ready for fun and surprises along the way. The graphics, game play and overall gaming experience fo this free game for the iPad and iPhone are impressive.

Kingdom Age - The King of the Kingdom - In Kingdom Age, brought to you by Funzio, makers of Modern War and Crime City, you can become the most powerful ruler in all the lands! Build and grow your kingdom, complete quests, and battle other players

This free game for the iPhone and iPad allows you to build an epic kingdom, slay dragons, and crush your enemies in Kingdom Age. Become the most powerful ruler in all the lands! Build and grow your kingdom, complete quests, and battle other players. There are over 100 powerful infantry, beast and machine units, over 40 royal buildings to own, over 100 monsters to battle, over 300 different quests, over 200 goals to complete and over 12 areas to explore.

The missions and the gameplay move forward seamlessly in this free game for the iPad and iPhone and we didn't feel like we were bored or missed anything. Patience is required when you have to wait for your energy to get refueled. The visual effects are above average but lack polish. The sound effects and music are impressive and the character and monster characterization is also great.

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