Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Excellent Tips For Recording Xbox Gameplay In HD

I'm guessing you and your friends play Battlefield or some other Xbox 360 video game, but most of your buddies are posting videos to the internet flashing their latest and greatest kill streaks and sniping hotspots.

Are you wanting to take part in the bragging rights club and upload your own video clips? If so I'll explain how you do so. 1st, you will need to purchase a capture card for Xbox 360. There are two main types; There are usb cards and pci type cards. The pci game capture cards must be installed into your home pc; you must open up the computer system and therefore you have to be absolutely tech savvy if you make a choice to put in the pci card. However, I advise getting yourself a usb type of gameplay card. Some really good cards are manufactured by Hauppauge, Roxio, and Dazzle.

When searching for the most appropriate game card that meets your needs, try and make sure to check to see what type of adapter interface the card has. Example, The Dazzle card is not compatible with hdmi or component cables and subsequently cannot record in true HD. A good many of the videos I see online are only 360p non-HD. Therefore if you have no issue with the lower resolution, then the Dazzle card is all you truthfully need. On the contrary, If you would rather record in HD, then you will want to check out capture cards that use the component cables. Two such cards are the Hauppauge card and the Roxio card. Both of these use component cables. The Roxio card records up to 720p HD quality and The Hauppauge cards can record up to 1080i also HD quality.

Here are a number of tips to kick things off with.

Capture cards are shipped with their own software for recording and editing. The recording software also offers a setting to quickly publish your recent video direct to YouTube. However, do not use this option! You can and will achieve much higher quality videos if at first you export your video to 720p, and then log into YouTube channel and manually upload the created file.

Unfortunately, the game card devices can cause distortion when the box is placed too close to the television screen. If your tv screen is battling with blue lines, haze, or a static picture, simply relocate the capture device a little ways away from the TV set.

If you're using a desktop in place of a laptop, then the included usb cable may not extend all the way to your desktop computer. However, you can find 50 and 100 foot extension usb cables on the internet or at several computer stores.

The video recording software is especially resource intensive, Therefore I recommend that you close all of your other programs as well as any open internet browser windows, etc. before you start recording. Lastly, if you experience drops or stutters in your recordings, you may want to disable automatic updates for windows, as well as any automatic backups or scans that you have your virus protection set to, etc. Note: You can find the Windows Update settings in the control panel under 'System and Security'.

Okay then, good luck with your video game recordings! I hope you found this article useful.